About us

Sanicula CO

Sanicula Co LLC is a Serbian-Belgian privately owned company with primary agency which manufactures curative herbs and essential oils. Our partnership is based on work that has lasted for numerous decades and research of medicinal herbs and essential oils that are being made by the process of distillation. The strategic goal of our partners is the production of essential oils that have organic origin and possess high quality constitution which is suitable for the international market.

Partners and owners of the company:

Dominique Yvan Baudoux
Jean Francois Baudoux
Novica Šutić

Dominique Yvan Baudoux

our partner, is by vocation a pharmacist, like his father, as well as his grandfather. During the 1980s he was one of the first pharmacists in Belgium to have become interested in the concept of using essential oils for the needs of medical aromatherapy. As an impeccable pedagogue, Dominique Baudoux restlessly passes on his passion towards essential oils and develops innovative products for aromatherapy. He has also established the company Pranarom which is a world leader in scientific and medicinal aromatherapy.

Dominique Baudoux is also a writer, an aromatologist, a director of researches and a professor on an international college for aromatherapy, which is named after him.(Le Collège International d’Aromathérapie Dominique Baudoux).

Jean Francois Baudoux

is one of our partners with great experience in the commerce of essential oils.

Novica Šutić

our partner who is leading our project in Serbia has an invincible amount of proficiency in the production of essential oils.

Sanicula Co LLC is a producer of essential oils on the territory of Serbia. We have been fulfilling our primary agricultural production on ~300 ha, of which 224 ha has the organic certificate. The primary agricultural production is being carried through on the territory of municipality of Paraćin, as well as Boljevac and Doljevac. Sanicula is equipped with three distilleries in total, when combined they acquire processing capacity of 150 t of biomass. The overall production goal on the annual level is 10 t of essential oils.

The most represented oils in our production

(Helichrysum Italicum essential oil)
(Melissa Officinalis essential oil)
(Thyme Linalool essential oil)
(LavandulaAngustifolia essential oil)
Winter Savory
(Satureja Montana essential oil)
Roman chamomile
(Chamaemelum Nobile essential oil)

The circular process of production

Ecological and social responsibility

Sanicula Co LLC has a completely circular process of production; from the manufacturing of reproductive material to the foundation of plantations, the use of own mechanization for the purposes of preparation of the soil, planting, treatment, maintenance of planted surfaces, harvest of healthful herbs and treatment of biomass that becomes the essential oils.

By processing the rest of the biomass after the distillation, a new by-product emerges, which is bio pellet. It is used in its own operation of distillation. Ash, as a residue made by burning the bio pellet, is used as an organic fertilizer.
When the “Innovative approach to production of pellet out of curative herbs from plantations” project was effectuated after the distillation, the strategy for management of principles of sustainable development was being affirmed through lowering the carbon-dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, implementing the concept of “zero waste”, which endeavours completely eliminating the waste from the process of production, so we can apply modern ecological innovations to function as an example of social responsibility and environmental protection.